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Why do you need this 116 page Electrical Engineering Pocketbook?
  • Contains useful formulas for electric motors such as:
    • Horsepower
    • Current
    • Efficiency
    • Power Factor
  • Contains all Nema frame dimensions for electric motors including old U frames. Useful for determining shaft size, foot mount dimensions, pulley sizes and all other motor dimensions.
  • Charts for terminal markings and connections for electric motors- 3 phase, 1 phase, 2 speed, DC.
  • Charts for full load currents for conductor sizing
  • Full load efficiency charts for electric motors
  • Contains formulas for electrical circuits such as:
    • Amps
    • Volt-Amps
    • Watts
    • Ohms Law
  • Charts for 1 and 3 phase motor starters- ever wonder what size starter you will need for your motor? This handy chart will tell you exactly what you need.
  • Contains full load amp charts for 1 and 3 phase transformers.
  • Transformer connection charts .
  • Recommended transformer KVA rating and copper conductor size.
  • Resistor and Capacitor Color Codes.
  • Conversion Factor Charts- everything you can imagine!
  • This booklet was produced by EASA, the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, and the information in it was carefully selected to provide reliable solutions to everyday problems.

All of this useful information comes in one handy pocketbook and can be yours for only $13.99!



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